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About Us…

Welcome to our world! Where fantasy becomes reality.

You can have Lannisters fighting Targaryens, Orcs fighting Elves or let your mind run wild with Lannisters fighting Elves, the permutations could be endless, only limited by the realms of your imagination.

This is a simple print & play game that allows you to fight epic battles of your choice that would otherwise be impossible to achieve using conventional wargames played out with plastic, resin or lead figures. Because this game allows you to print off unlimited sized armies with 16 to choose from the size of the battles are down to you, how big or how small.

We have made the rules of this game as simple as possible so you can start playing a game in a matter of minutes and for a fraction of the cost of traditional war games involving miniatures.

There will also be a “Battlefield Creator” which is a simple system to generate almost infinitely different battlefields. This will be available soon.

Let the games begin….


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